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Turn into a Animation Wizard with Animation Courses in Kolkata

If you have seen cartoon and period-animated movies, you will come across animated characters that look completely real. Animation, which involves storyboarding, graphic designing and VFX, is in high demand, with top movie production companies looking for experienced animators to create characters. Even top animation companies look for certified and experienced animation experts who can work on different projects creatively. If you are good at drawing and digital sketching, pursuing animation courses in Kolkata by MAAC at Behala is the best.

MAAC is a leader in the international media and entertainment training sector, providing animation courses that are jam-packed with information to help you develop your creative profession. Being the best animation institute in Kolkata, its courses are entirely practical; even the fundamentals of animation are addressed practically. Students can participate in daily lessons on traditional animation elements, animatics, and storyboarding in a live setting by industry experts.

The curriculum for an animation training course in Kolkata at MAAC is updated and created as per the industry requirement. To help students learn the most recent trends and strategies for breaking into the animation profession with vim and passion, instructors use project-based learning activities grounded in real-world experience.

Objectives of Best Animation Institute in Kolkata

The learning animation course in Kolkata at MAAC aims to understand creative skill’s primary goal of using animation or visual effects and how to present the video with delicate effects by keeping standards and quality. It gives the video a catchy appearance. The animation training Institute in Kolkata by MAAC Behala uses state-of-the-art software offered on the best hardware.

We at MAAC Behala ensure for the leading post-production businesses in the country. Since we are the best animation school, our animation program teaches students how to use various tools and methods to create stunning animated visuals for movies and other media.

Get the Best Career Opportunities with an Animation Training Course in Kolkata

Our animation courses are built with a curriculum that adheres to industry standards, which makes it very simple for our students to look for the best job openings as soon as they graduate. No other Animation courses facility in Kolkata can guarantee the best package that our students receive in addition to a job. This gives them the ideal opportunity to advance their careers.

We prepare animators for job positions like

  • 3D Modeler
  • 3D Animator
  • Rigging Artist
  • Texturing Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Lighting Artist
  • Rendering Artist

We prefer quality, which is why animation course fees in Kolkata at MAAC are low.

Join Now with Low Animation Course Fees in Kolkata

If you are keen to join the force of animators and give a promising shape to your career, join MAAC in Behala to pursue an animation training course in Kolkata. Using our high-end practice lab and up-to-date curriculum, we ensure a comprehensive training program for aspirants in the animation field.

Students at MAAC Behala will receive a good hands-on learning experience in animation/VFX, from studying visual effects to using Adobe to Final Cut Pro. Learn how to make animated backdrops and characters for movies and television shows. Enrol in the animation programme at MAAC Behala, Kolkata now.

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