Augmented & Virtual Reality


Overview of Augmented Courses in Kolkata

AR/VR is taken the digital world to a storm. Not just manufacturing or technical industry, this new age technology is also widely used in gaming, animation, and entertainment industry. MAAC Institute is the leading ar vr training institute in Kolkata offering courses where students will gain the complete insight about this technology. These technologies are utilised and benefited by the entertainment, medical, and many other industries. To advance one’s profession, students can take up augmented courses in Kolkata by MAAC Institute in game creation and development. The courses cover every facet of game design, from developing a game concept to disseminating a game. Another crucial component is using Unity to create Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

Our AR experts are deeply committed to their craft and united by a shared vision for providing the best training possible to people pursuing careers in the multimedia industry. We at MAAC institute ensure students about 100% completion of the course.

Our extensive augmented course in Kolkata equips you with the skills and tools to produce interactive augmented reality content, which is currently in high demand for user engagement in the entertainment and design sectors. By using a combination of multi-projected environments, augmented reality technology produces realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that simulate the feeling of being physically present.

Gain the Speciality with Virtual Reality Courses in Kolkata

VR or Virtual Reality allows you to explore the virtual environment. The simulated experience improves the visual experience by superimposing computer-generated items on top of the real world. We help students in getting the experience with projects with a focus on virtual reality training. During the course, you may discover the fascinating world of virtual reality and develop your profession with MAAC institute’s virtual reality courses in Kolkata is engaging and is according to the curriculum designed.

Our comprehensive virtual reality training will cover topics including working with game engine lights, cameras, and animation, using VR for sound editing, and more. It includes hands-on training with an emphasis on creating virtual worlds for Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift using the Unity3D engine.

Learn Essential Skills at AR/VR Training Institute in Kolkata.

The market has always been captured by technology at the points when the youth are swooping in to gain the most from it. One of its components that is being developed through an opened roadway is the AR VR training.

Both these technologies are used in many different aspects by many different companies. With ar vr training institute by MAAC, students get top-notch instruction. As the leading training centre, students get to Use AR and VR technology to hone coding, programming, and gaming skills.

AR and VR being one of the most popular technologies today, through our course you will also learn how to apply AI, ML, IOT, and other cutting-edge technologies. The course will cover different areas, and you’ll also get hands-on experience with Adobe Photoshop, Max, and Maya. In addition, you will study the fundamentals of model creation and animation during these courses.

The course’s advanced instruction will cover a variety of themes, including professional gaming, the application of AI and machine learning in games, and the Internet of Things.

Get Hands-On Training under Affordable Augmented Reality Course Fee

The augmented reality course free we at MAAC Institute charge is affordable allowing you to save your money. Our course major areas of the AR/VR technology required for gaming and animation purpose. Moreover, students get hands-on training at our teaching lab making the process of learning engaging.

Join the ar vr training institute MAAC in Behala, Kolkata and give your career a new dimension in the technological world.