Overview of Broadcast Courses in Kolkata

Broadcasting involves different areas, including animation, RJ, journalism, and others. If you want to enter any fields, MAAC Institute of Broadcast courses in Kolkata. MAAC Institute in Kolkata was founded to introduce cutting-edge broadcasting and media education, keeping the current trend in mind. In a broader sense, the goal is to become a top broadcast training institute in Kolkata, emphasising producing professionals who can hold their own against the best talent in the world by offering relevant courses tailored to the different media verticals.

Our Broadcast course instructors are qualified professionals with real-world expertise in various Broadcast Design projects and certified experts in the field. To help every student reach their career goals, we have tailored the content and syllabus of our Broadcast courses in Behala to their needs. The media business is pushing for innovative, cutting-edge ways to disseminate content. The demand for skilled and aspirational broadcast people has surged due to the broadcast industry’s tremendous growth.

Broadcast media has a wider audience than print media. MAAC Institute particularly created broadcast technology training to provide insight into modern and classic technology.

Learn at the New Age Broadcast Training Institute in Kolkata

When learning broadcasts, students require high-end teaching facilities that can make learning easy. Our broadcast training institute in Kolkata has top-notch infrastructure and lab equipment. Until now, we have offered certificates to more than 2000 students and have helped them in place in a good jobs. The fees of our broadcast design training are reasonable and depend on each student’s individual training needs. You can choose daytime classes, weekend training classes, and fast-track training programmes for broadcast design.

Our broadcast courses in Kolkata encompass a variety of topics in the curriculum, such as layer-based compositing, VFX, 2D/3D motion graphics, Digital Illustrations, Digital Painting, Digital Filmmaking Concepts, sound editing, etc. The course also covers all the foundational digital design, rendering, and FCP editing concepts. We successfully enter the broadcast industry with the aid of our broadcast courses in Kolkata. Since there is a huge demand for broadcast media, MAAC’s Broadcast Plus programme can help you prepare for a lucrative industry career.

Gain Required Skills under Broadcast Technology Training

The topics and approaches covered in MAAC’s broadcast technology training may differ significantly. Our group of subject-matter specialists emphasises 360-degree learning. With our insightful training, students also can reach their full academic and professional potential. They also regularly network with key figures in the sector and receive beneficial exposure. With our balanced theoretical and practical training, we have been producing effective media professionals. Post-completion of the course, students will have the skills to join as 2D Motion Graphics Artists, 3D Motion Graphics Artists, Broadcast Designers, and others.

Join our Broadcast Courses in Behala

MAAC Institute in Behala, Kolkata, is one of India’s few broadcasting course centres that provides courses focused on quality in one area of design and animation. Our courses allow you to learn various skills to suit your area of interest. Our esteemed faculty members come from the top industries and mentor students as they develop into tomorrow’s aspiring creative broadcasters. Want to learn how to use the newest broadcasting tools and equipment from scratch? Join the broadcast courses MAAC Institute offers in Behala, Kolkata, and today to give your career a new direction.