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Get ready to improve your skills and design in 3D animation and multimedia courses with MAAC Animation Kolkata. Find out how to improve the work, design, skills, and development with our expert faculties. At MAAC Kolkata, we don’t just offer courses, we work with the potential of the aspirants to get placement in the top multimedia industries.

In the center of Kolkata, we offer to provide the latest tools and technology in various segments of animation and multimedia courses. This will help the aspirants to co-relate with the industries work during the time of placement. Our industry experts make deep analyses of the aspirant’s work and help them to improve their work and design. We have the best counselor who guides you in every format and gives the best choice for your career in terms of your skills

Animation and VFX Course

When you start learning for the animation and VFX course, you have a lot of options open for you in the upcoming days. You can join the firms of multimedia including media, agencies, game developers, advertising agencies, film production, and many more. You can bring your creativity while doing freelance work. However, you need that much depth of talent and skills for the work of Animation and VFX. Join the most enriched animation training in Kolkata that provides detailed course training for Animation and VFX.

Visual Effects (VFX)

VFX is rapidly increasing the demand in the Industry. If you have the perfect skills in VFX probably you have a bright future waiting for you in the future. You redirect to film, television, video games, and virtual reality. Hence, if you have such a mindset to enhance your career in VFX, then get VFX training Kolkata by MAAC Institute.

Game Design Courses

At MAAC Behala, we provide advanced knowledge of game design with principles and proficiency in software. The advanced skills will help you to create the game design with character and animation. In the video game industry, you have a lucrative opportunity to start your career without depending. Join our Game designing in Kolkata that helps you to create successful and profitable games for the best gaming company in the future

Augmented & Virtual Reality

If you have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, you can make good use of AR/VR developers. However, you can reach the field of AR/VR with our expert faculties knowledge, and techniques. The demand for AR/VR jobs is huge and is expected to increase rapidly in the future. Enroll in the MAAC Behala now

Multimedia & Graphics Design

The knowledge of multimedia and graphics design courses will help you to bring your innovation and creativity in digital design, Interactive design, Posters, Illustrators, and many more. The designer can easily craft the image using popular software, Corel Draw, and tools to post images for websites and banners. It has a huge demand in the market and currently thousands of jobs are available in the market for this post. The MAAC Behala is featuring the graphics design course in Kolkata and also helps you get placement in the top Industries.


If you are interested in joining TV journalism, you can directly come into the broadcast field. It trains you in the various aspects of the broadcast course. All you need to get enrolled with our top-rated MAAC Behala Institute presenting Broadcast courses in Kolkata. Hence, enroll us and get involved with the content for television, advertising, and more.

Other Courses

Grab an opportunity to pursue your professional animation and VFX courses at MAAC Behala and become passionate with our multimedia animation institute in Kolkata.

Web Design Course

Are you looking for the best web designing institute in Kolkata? Join MAAC Behala and learn the key concepts of visual design, know the basics of HTML, understand CSS, the foundation of UX design, basics layouts, and typography. A career in web designing is highly competitive and therefore, you need the best guidance and knowledge that can save your future.

2D/3D Animation Course

Animation has dynamic options and demand in the field of animation industries. If you have advanced knowledge of 2D/3D animation courses you can directly move to 2D or 3D animation, character design, storyboard artist, layout artist, visual effects artist, game design, and many more. It is a versatile skill used in various sectors to make your career path more interesting and advanced.

At MAAC Animation Kolkata, you will be learning the knowledge of animation, multimedia, and VFXs. Our course is introduced by the MAAC Behala’s top expertise that nurtures your creativity and equips the skills in the necessary field required.

The best part about the MAAC Behala is its unstoppable effort for the student’s growth. It does a lot of research for the aspirant’s knowledge and always tries to bring creativity to them in workshops. Our services at MAAC Behala will bring effective and affordable course fees that can bring maximum quality in less amount of fee structure. We believe in success for all.

Counselors provide the support, advice, and guidance to bring solutions for the students/parents facing issues while enrolling in the coaching institute. Our counselors of MAAC Behala bring the details about courses provided by our MAAC Institute and also explain the details of the career of the course students choose.

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