Short term courses


Overview of Short-Term Animation Courses in Kolkata

Short-term animation courses in Kolkata at MAAC Institute for students are designed to cover all the major aspects that interest students in learning more. The growth of the global animation business has resulted in an exponential increase in the demand for talented animators, designers, and artists. No matter your topic of study, you may enrol in short-term or part-time short-term 2D/3D animation courses at MAAC Institute in Behala. These courses will train you to develop industry-standard abilities to keep you one step ahead of the competition and alter the industry. Because our animation programmes’ curriculum is created according to industry standards, it is quite straightforward for our students to hunt for the best job openings as soon as they graduate.

To help you develop into a highly competent, production-ready professional in animation, short-term multimedia courses from MAAC Institute offer project-based courses in computer-generated animation. Along with building a solid foundation in animation, you master cutting-edge Blender techniques, allowing you to create a professional-calibre short film displaying your computer graphics abilities. The course will give you practical insight into Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro X, and others.

Short-Term VFX Courses Institute- Learn the Dynamics of Visual Effects

If you are looking for a short-term VFX courses institute in Kolkata, MAAC Institute is the one to approach. All forms of media, including television, the web, and the film and media industries, employ Adobe After Effects. Many areas in VFX are interesting to learn, and with our short-term multimedia courses, you will get the best visual effects training. Experienced practitioners are teaching this short-term certified Special Effects course. Students with a creative imagination, video editing specialists, visual effects artists, and graphic-web designers can consider taking this course.

Through our course, you will study visual effects in depth, gain practical experience using VFX tools developed by the industry, and learn from our professionals how to create top-notch visual effects for movies, television shows, and video games. Besides, you will be able to gain insights into composting, motion capture, computer-generated imagery (CGI), and others.

Build Essential Skills with Short Term Multimedia Courses

Whether taking short-term 3D animation courses, VFX courses or any other, you need to gain essential skills, which can only happen by learning under experts. Skills can be gained or acquired. Thus, it’s important to be honest about one’s abilities. The secret to success recognises where you can improve and periodically broadens your skill set. A successful VFX and animation artist needs the following set of abilities:

  • Adaptability-

In the business sector, the new buzzword is “AQ” (adaptability quotient). It is described as the ability to adapt one’s attitude to changes in the workplace, the global economy, and other factors. In multimedia, having this skill is vital to take up projects and working under different challenges.

  • Communication-

No matter how skilled you are at your profession, it is useless if you cannot effectively interact with your co-workers. You must work with the producers, designers, and other engineers to develop excellent content.

  • Creativity-

In multimedia, creativity is essential to helping you be different from others. Sketching, sculpting, painting, and using tools need a creative mind.

Gain Complete Insight with Short-Term 3D Animation Courses.

The demand for excellent animators, designers, and artists is rising exponentially because of the worldwide animation industry’s expansion. Our short-term 3d animation courses will train you on the industry-standard Maya programme and Substance Painter for texturing to keep you one step ahead of the competition and transform the industry. Our course will introduce you to Maya, Digital sculpting with a zbrush, Introduction to modelling, and others.

If you want to take your creativity level to a new height and join the force of animators and VFX experts, join MAAC institutes and short-term animation courses in Kolkata.