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5 Benefits of Using Video Visual Effects

The world of entertainment has upgraded to the highest point. From movies to video games and general video content, you will see how visual effects play a major role. Creating creatures, creating cities in the background, underwater shots, etc., all happen because of visual effects. Be it the movies like Avatar or any sci-fi movie, visual effects in videos have a central role. So, what is VFX?

To put it simply, VFX is a technique for incorporating visual components into moving media that are not possible during live-action filming. Filmmakers employ VFX software to add computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other effects. VFX is employed to construct such landscapes since it is either too risky to shoot in real life or the world does not exist.

CGI (computer-generated imagery) and specialised VFX software are widely used in VFX-heavy films to produce stunning effects. These VFX tools currently come with high-end features, making the movie-making process easy and exciting. The basic objective of visual effects is to make false objects appear real or at least plausible. Visual effects can also be useful. This includes blasts that were recorded on-location during an automobile chase.

There are three different types of VFX-

  • CGI: It is the most obvious form of VFX used in movies or motion pictures. VFX software is used exclusively to create CGI; no real-world video or editing is used. The Toy Story series and Finding Nemo are two examples of fully computer-generated animated films Pixar is known for producing.
  • Compositing: It is the process of fusing several images into one. Filming using green screens is one of the most used compositing methods. This appears in every Marvel film.
  • Motion capture: It is often known as mocap, aims to replicate the realism of a live performance in a more lifelike digital sequence. On a mocap stage, actors often act out their scenes while donning suits covered in tiny dots.

Since VFX is important in video or motion pictures, it comes with enough benefits for makers. We have come up with 5 such benefits of using VFX in motion pictures-

  1. No Boundary for Creativity– There are no restrictions on what may be created on screen when using VFX and animation. The artist’s creativity is the only constraint, whether for strange creatures or grand vistas. Filmmakers can create universes where everything is possible thanks to VFX and animation.
  2. Cost-effective: Although VFX and animation might be pricey, doing so is sometimes significantly less expensive than creating real-world sets or using actors to perform intricate stunts. For instance, a VFX artist can design a computer replica of a building that the filmmaker can blow up whatever they like rather than having to do it in real life.
  3. Timesaving: VFX and animation, in addition to being cost-effective, can save a lot of time during the post-production process. For instance, the director doesn’t have to shoot any scene to achieve the desired effect. The effect can be produced in post-production with VFX.
  4. Makes Things Look Real: VFX has the power to make practical effects appear more realistic. For instance, you can employ VFX to give delicate movements or characteristics to a monster rather than just depending on realistic makeup and prosthetics, which would be challenging to accomplish with just practical effects.
  5. Consistency: By using VFX and animation, filmmakers may produce seamless, high-quality visuals for their whole body of work. Instead, than relying on the weather for a specific scene, VFX can produce the weather conditions for the video.


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