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Animating for Social Media: Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Consider a scenario where you are presented with a post on social media in the form of animation and a photograph. Which one do you believe will capture your interest the longest? Would you rather watch an animated series of photographs that lasts a few minutes or pictures that are shown one after the other? Well, the majority of people would go for an animated video.
This is why videos do far better on social media than images and text. Although social media platforms give posts an unmatched reach, the audience’s attention span is limited.
There are so many contents on social media that are consumed every minute. The idea is to engage it; simply producing animated content is not enough. Animations can be made without having any artistic talent by content producers. For this, there are tools at your disposal. Animators play a vital role in creating interesting posts for social media.
If you are new to this area, then this blog will help you know how you can create engaging social media posts using animation.

Tips to create animated social media posts-

  • Clarity

Animation’s quality is based on its resolution. Animation made of pixels may not offer the desired engagement with the audience. Consider using a professional-looking resolution quality that loads quickly when producing animated postings. Limiting the number of elements in each frame is one method for achieving clarity. Be aware of who the post’s hero should be and bring all attention to that person or thing.

  • Movement

Animation content with crisp file sizes offers better movement. Frame rates demonstrate how smoothly things move. Impressive animated posts are simple to view and have an ideal frame rate. You can play around with animating more quickly than in real life. Our brain can partially detect quicker moments.

  • Focus on Storytelling

Even a brief story can be told by a great animation. The best is to create an engaging and emotionally connecting animated story. Stories pique people’s interest and motivate them to spread your content, naturally broadening your audience.

  • Select the Correct Format

When it comes to the format, different platforms demand different formats. Ensure your animation is appropriate for the platform you choose to distribute it on. As an illustration, whereas Twitter and Facebook could have various criteria, Instagram offers videos, stories, and reels. Your material will perform better if you customize it for each platform.

  • Optimize

Most social media posts are viewed on mobile devices. Since social media users manage their accounts through mobile, the final animation product should be optimized accordingly. Small file size, fluid motion, and sharp colours are the finest practices for mobile devices. Animators usually make the error of making the subject and characters look congested. Though viewing is done on a mobile device, design is often done on a PC. Before completing the animations, perform a test preview on mobile. You’ll be shocked to learn how much tweaking is required to make something device optimized.


Animation is certainly the most effective strategy that can draw the audience’s attention to your social media post. You may effectively market your company, boost engagement, and achieve successful outcomes on social media by heeding these suggestions and devoting time and effort to developing interesting, pertinent, and aesthetically pleasing animations. If you want to learn animation and make a career, start your journey by taking up an animation course from MAAC Behala.

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