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The Impact of VFX in Historical and Period Films

If you have seen any period movies from the Indian film industry or Hollywood industry, you may see how magnificent huge palaces are presented. Similarly, war scenes and other aspects of the period movies are presented. Many of these scenes are recreated using VFX. Using visual effects (VFX) as a medium, filmmakers are able to direct period movies that are breathtaking, beautiful and create engaging content.  

Filmmakers can increase authenticity and fully immerse viewers in a bygone era by using visual effects to recreate historical locations, attire, and atmospheres in period dramas.

Computers used by artists help them at various phases of the creative process and for a variety of jobs. Although the finished product may not be directly related to digital technology, a variety of software programs can be used to collaborate with other artists, plan the creative process, or publish the artistic results. Numerous professions have been forced to change their specialization or altogether reinvent their methods of operation.

Here are some ways how VFX impacted in historical and period films-

  • Displaying History with Accuracy

One of the strengths of VFX is to replicate historical locations meticulously. VFX artists are able to recreate historically authentic scenes, such as grand castles or war scenes, guaranteeing that every detail fits the period of the movie. This presentation of realistic approach creates engagement among the audience and makes them step back to period time.  

  • Cost-Effective Presentation of Set

Only some filmmakers will be financially rich enough to erect the complete historical sets. So, to bring down the cost, VFX is the best investment. Using VFX, creative set artists and animators can restructure the set with the required theme under cost-effective methods. This enables only a small section of a set to be physically constructed while the remainder is digitally generated, hence reducing costs without reducing the set’s overall visual effect.

  • Define Grandeur in Period Movies

One of the reasons why movie lovers are attracted towards period movies is because of the presentation of sets on a grand scale. Thanks to VFX, which effortlessly incorporates period views with content. VFX has the ability to present the grandeur of the film in rich way. Examples include war scenes or magnificent landscapes.

  • Recreating Lost Architecture

Numerous renowned buildings and settings have either disappeared or undergone considerable change over history. With the aid of VFX, filmmakers may digitally restore these missing details and offer a window into the past. Period films richly define culture and history.

  • Developing a Director’s Vision

Filmmakers have a certain set of artistic visuals that they want to present through period movies. It can happen with the effective use of VFX. It allows art directors, animators, and directors to visually create the scene depicting the story.  Visually appealing is possible with VFX tools, which improves the film’s overall effect.


There is no doubt that VFX has an important role in directing period movies. Today, many period movies are presented through high-end VFX, and so the demand for creative animators has increased. MAAC Behala offers interactive VFX courses where students get to learn the insight of using high-end VFX tools for period movies.

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